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brave the icy winds and fire
Fic: Drifting 
8th-Nov-2015 06:18 am
i'm not crazy
Title: Drifting
Prompt: Kinks #1 - Altered States
Fandom: The Moth Diaries
Pairing: Ernessa/Rebecca
Rating: PG - 13
Word Count: 101

It was just another party in Charley's room with drinking, smoking, and the usual pop music playing out the speakers.

The smoke was as Ernessa said it was. It was sweet and cloying, that made Rebecca dizzy enough that she had laid upon the bed.

Ernessa, who sat next to Lucy across the room, was now by her side whispering in her ear.

A different kind of sickly sweet scent found its way to Rebecca's nose, wrapping around her as Ernessa drew her close into the bed of her embrace, those cold fingers pulling her closer, soft lips drifting over Rebecca's.
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