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brave the icy winds and fire
Fic :Enchanted in Siren Song 
8th-Nov-2015 03:28 pm
i'm not crazy
Title: Enchanted in Siren Song
Prompt: Kinks #17- Obedience
Fandom: The Moth Diaries
Pairing: Ernessa/Rebecca, hinted Rebecca/Lucy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
“Time to free yourself, little bird.” Ernessa whispered, her voice a light breeze against Rebecca's neck. Ice-cold hands held onto the brunette's hips, their bodies moved to the rhythm of soft music. The swaying motion followed by the way Ernessa's breath ghost over her skin makes Rebecca feel like she pulled into the sea of the raven-haired enchantress' presence.
Ernessa's words, a siren song that swam in her ears, guiding her towards the bed where a blonde – Lucy's living effigy lay. Song becomes spell, drawing her in, telling Rebecca to free her thirst on the blonde's thriving essence.
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